Online Round Table / Session #3 – mLearning

Educamp GrazThe Online Round Tables (#ORT09) are back for the third time! This time around we are hosting a series of open discussions which will lead to the upcoming EduCamp Event in Graz, Austria (November, 6-7).

The third online event is already on Thursday October 29. Mark A.M. Kramer and Sam Easterby-Smith will be our guest speakers. They will guide us through an informal discussion around ‘mobile Learning’, a topic that will certainly generate a lively debate. Make sure to contribute to it too. 😉 We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there.

For further details about the speakers, their presentation and venue, please browse below.

Our Guest Speakers

Mark A. M. Kramer
Mark A.M. Kramer is an early adopter and informed critic of mobile information and communications technologies. Currently, Mark is teaching courses at the University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria, within the Mobile Computing Department in Hagenberg and the Management School in Steyr, Austria. Mark also acts as a consultant for Mobilizy GmbH, an
Austrian software company that specializes in location-based services and augmented reality experiences.
Mark spends a great portion of his time between Vienna and Salzburg traveling on average 16-24 hours a week on the Austrian Railway. This time is spent in part by conducting real-world research and developing strategies for extreme-mobile learning scenarios. Mark is conducting his doctoral research within the general field of e-learning, concentrating on applying mobile technologies to enhance personal and cooperative learning
Mark’s long-term goal is to apply his medical background and anthropological field-experience to help develop mobile ICT solutions and infrastructure to assist medical & humanitarian staff located in geographically and politically (democratically) challenged regions.
Research Focus:
e-Learning, e-Literacy, e-Inclusion, ICT Enhanced Acquisition of Learning, e-Health, e-Government & e-Democracy, m-Learning.

The application of computer-generated imagery in live-video streams on mobile devices, as a way to expand the real-world, is finally available for the masses on an affordable basis. Augmented and mixed-reality scenarios are now a common fixture of our technology arsenal of methods to acquire information about our surroundings. This emergence of augmented reality (AR) also has great potential to support individual and group learning. I will share thoughts and experiences on how AR will change the way we view and experience learning in a situated context.

portraitSam Easterby-Smith has been writing code since the age of 4 and has worked extensively on educational software projects, games, databases, websites and the development of data exchange standards throughout his professional career. He currently runs Spotlight Kid Ltd, a consultancy based in Manchester, UK specialising in mobile applications on iPhone and other platforms for the education and entertainment sectors. Prior to setting up his consultancy business, Sam has worked for many years with CETIS at the University of Bolton.
Research focus:
e-learning, m-learning, cybernetics, arts education, learning through play
Apple’s iPhone has shifted the goal posts for mobile devices, bringing truly usable computing and ubiquitous connectivity to the pockets of users and jangling coins to the pockets of Apple and independent software developers. A major key to the success of the device has been the combination of multi-touch screen and the software, both what comes in the box and the wealth of downloadable applications. Other manufacturers have taken note and are rapidly introducing their own platforms and App Stores to recoup some ground.

Among the available applications are many games and toys aimed at young children. Drawing on experiences (my own children aged 1 and 3) I will examine the way very young people approach these devices and their surprising levels of competency in navigating and operating them. I’ll also discuss the implications and opportunities for learning that mobile applications will doubtless bring to this new generation of digital natives.

Venue Details:

Topic: mobile Learning
Date: October 29, 2009 / 19.00 (BST) / 20.00 (CEST) (check your local time)
Moderation: Cristina Costa, Martin Ebner and Graham Attwell
Link to Venue: Elluminate
Add to calender: Link
Visit ORT09 on Facebook: LINK

This sessions runs in cooperation with the JISC Sponsored EVOLVE community.

The online round tables will be in English and are open for the ‘worldwide’ audience. Elluminate will be the online conference platform used. (A tutorial on how to join the session is available here). The recording of the sessions will be made available afterwards on this website.
Follow the Evolve Network on Facebook. Add your ideas to the discussion area (new discussion topics you would like EVOLVE to host; ideas, events you would like EVOLVE to support, etc) Do not hesitate to contact us. Any queries please email: ([Martin Ebner][Cristina Costa])

We look forward to the interesting discussions. Stay tuned and help us spread the word about it (when mentioning it on twitter, blogposts, your social networks, etc please use the following tags: #ecg09 #educamp09 #EduCampGraz #ort09)

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