Online Round Table / Session #2 – Personalization and Learning

Educamp GrazThe Online Round Tables (#ORT09) are back for the second time! This time around we are hosting a series of open discussions which will lead to the upcoming EduCamp Event in Graz, Austria (November, 6-7).

The first online event is already onThursday October 8. Erik Duval and Ralf Klamma will be our guest speakers. They will guide us through an informal discussion around ‘Learning in futurue concerning personalization of content’, a topic that will certainly generate a lively debate. Make sure to contribute to it too. 😉 We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there.

For further details about the speakers, their presentations and venue, please browse below.

Our Guest Speakers

Erik DuvalErik DuvalErik Duval is a professor at the computer science department of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Erik’s research focuses on management of and access to structured and unstructured data. In practical terms, we research repositories, federated search, harvesting, content management, but also more end user oriented aspects like information visualization, mobile information devices, multi-touch displays and mash-ups. His group typically applies research results to technology enhanced learning, access to music and ‚research2.0′. His current obsession is massive hyper-personalization („The Snowflake Effect“) – a topic on which he regularly keynotes. Erik teaches courses on Human-Computer Interaction, Multimedia, problem solving and design. With the ARIADNE Foundation, he is quite active in the development of technical standards. He chairs the IEEE LTSC working group on Learning Object Metadata. Erik co-founded two spin-offs that apply research results for access to music and scientific output.
Learning is personal. So, learning environments should be personal too… Many (not all!) of our students do not expect anything less. Yet, organization-wide support for learning environments seems to be incompatible with personalization as witnessed by the one size fits all approach of dominant LMS’s. I will share some of my experiences in this domain: I once chaired the group that helped my university to decide to adopt Blackboard. That university wide system now has more than 90.000 users. Yet, my courses in it only contain a link to a wiki or a blog or a facebook group. In my talk, I will try to provide a happy twist to this ironic story…

Ralf KlammaRalf Klammais a senior researcher within the Information Systems group at RWTH Aachen University. He has visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge and has been a substitute professor at the universities of Chemnitz and Passau. He is technical coordinator of the EUIP ROLE (Responsive Open Learning Environments), member of the Aachen Excellence Cluster UMIC (Ultra-High Speed Information and Communication) and project manager for a number of EU and German funded projects. His research interests include web science, technology enhanced learning, and mobile data management.

Abstract: No country of old men
Despite the deep societal and economical changes induced by the media changes towards the Internet the impact on the future of learning remains unclear. Policy making like the Bologna process seems to have much more influence on agenda setting in the transformation of learning organizations
than technological innovations. Even in widely recognized debates like the adoption of learning management systems in learning institutions organizational change processes are far behind technological offers. Will also personal learning environments share the fate of the technology generations before them or can the adoption process in learning communities aligned with the development of learning services?

Venue Details:

Topic: Personalization and Learning
Date: October 8, 2009 / 19.00 (BST) / 20.00 (CEST) (check your local time)
Moderation: Cristina Costa, Martin Ebner and Graham Attwell
Link to Venue: Elluminate
Add to calender: Link
Visit ORT09 on Facebook: LINK

This sessions runs in cooperation with the JISC Sponsored EVOLVE community.

The online round tables will be in English and are open for the ‘worldwide’ audience. Elluminate will be the online conference platform used. (A tutorial on how to join the session is available here). The recording of the sessions will be made available afterwards on this website.
Follow the Evolve Network on Facebook. Add your ideas to the discussion area (new discussion topics you would like EVOLVE to host; ideas, events you would like EVOLVE to support, etc) Do not hesitate to contact us. Any queries please email: ([Martin Ebner][Cristina Costa])

We look forward to the interesting discussions. Stay tuned and help us spread the word about it (when mentioning it on twitter, blogposts, your social networks, etc please use the following tags: #ecg09 #educamp09 #EduCampGraz #ort09)

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