Online Round Table / Session #1 – Open Content

Educamp GrazThe Online Round Tables (#ORT09) are back! This time around we are hosting a series of open discussions which will lead to the upcoming EduCamp Event in Graz, Austria (November, 6-7).

The seconde online event is already next Monday (September 14). Martin Weller and Martin Lindner will be our guest speakers. They will guide us through an informal discussion around ‘Open Content’, a topic that will certainly generate a lively debate. Make sure to contribute to it too. 😉 We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there.

For further details about the speakers, their presentations and venue, please browse below.

Our Guest Speakers

Martin WellerMartin Weller is Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University in the UK. He chaired the Open University’s first major elearning course with 15,000 students annually. He was the Project Director for the Open University Virtuel Learning Environment and more recently, SocialLearn the Open University social networking project. His interests are in digital scholarship, implications of new technologies for higher education, learning design and social networks. He blogs at
Martin will explore the ways in which the term ‚open‘ has changed in usage over the years since the founding of the Open University, and consider what ‚open‘ principles such a university would be founded on now. The practice of being an ‚open scholar‘, and the benefits and issues involved will be examined.

Martin LindnerMartin Lindner is a researcher and consultant on the new growing Microweb. His work focuses strongly on Digital Knowledge Management, Learning in the Web and Building of Virtual Teams. He sees himself as a Digital Immigrant and Media Researcher, with a PhD in Literature.

More and more, people get frustrated by training and education that is overly formalized, expensive, stealing too much lifetime or simply not producing usable learning results. On the other hand, the Web is presenting a plethora of free and open content for many subjects and fields. And we have new stunningly powerful tools for collaboration and knowledge that cost nearly nothing. But still people are not able to take full advantage of these possibilities, feeling to be left on their own with the ambitious task of „self-learning“. I would like to share and discuss some thoughts from a working group thinking about how we could set up self-organizing groups, where „Non-learners Anonymous“ can use Web 2.0 tools and practices to break with the painful habit of non-learning.
So how can we help creating self-organizing groups that can systematically take advantage of the „open content“ in the web? What templates, tools and what rules should we arrange so that they can easily form, set up their project and their goals and then work collaboratively in a given time frame toward some tangible results.

Venue Details:

Topic: Open Content in Education
Date: September 14, 2009 / 19.00 (BST) / 20.00 (CEST) (check your local time)
Moderation: Cristina Costa, Martin Ebner and Graham Attwell
Link to Venue: Elluminate
Add to calender: Link
Visit ORT09 on Facebook: LINK

This sessions runs in cooperation with the JISC Sponsored EVOLVE community.

The online round tables will be in English and are open for the ‘worldwide’ audience. Elluminate will be the online conference platform used. (A tutorial on how to join the session is available here). The recording of the sessions will be made available afterwards on this website.
Follow the Evolve Network on Facebook. Add your ideas to the discussion area (new discussion topics you would like EVOLVE to host; ideas, events you would like EVOLVE to support, etc) Do not hesitate to contact us. Any queries please email: ([Martin Ebner][Cristina Costa])

We look forward to the interesting discussions. Stay tuned and help us spread the word about it (when mentioning it on twitter, blogposts, your social networks, etc please use the following tags: #ecg09 #educamp09 #EduCampGraz #ort09)

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